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  • chaoyin [Sep 8th 2014]Hello´╝îI am interest in the area of feature selection. Thanks in advance.
  • udit [Mar 6th 2014]i use it
  • JuBeOr [Dec 30th 2013]For me is impressive the amount of work the UTIA have made to help everyone solving problems all around the world. I want to express my gratitude from Spain.
  • Nad [Sep 24th 2013]Hello, I wish to know how the Feature Selection Technic can be implemented to signals
  • sal [Aug 21st 2013]Hello,I have been using Weka lately and i would like to know the other methods of feature selection apart from filter and wrapper..and how to perform them using weka..for example embedded method
  • Yugandhar [Feb 5th 2013]Hello, I am using WEKA for accessing various classification algorithms. I could get some reasonably good accuracy with some selected features for KNN as per FST. But I could not reproduce the same accuracy with the selected features using KNN classifier in weka. How can I know the specific parameters to be set under the classification to reproduce the same accuracy in other platforms? Thanks in advance.
  • ginger [May 6th 2012]the results of this toolkit is based 0 or 1? e.g. the subset may be (21, 30, 57). is the number of features 21, 30, 57should we take or 22, 31, 58?
  • Raja [May 5th 2012]Hello, I wish to know how the Feature Selection Technic can be implemented to signals
  • elinor [Sep 23rd 2011]Thanks for the code!
  • Yamuna [Jun 25th 2011]Hi, I need to learn feature selection techniques with outliers removal
  • huyoupan [May 29th 2011]I Want to learn the Feature Selection very much!Thank you very much!
  • Xunkai [Mar 26th 2011]Nice Work! Thank you ! Very neat code! expecting 3.1.0 coming !
  • Petr Somol [Oct 4th 2010]Hello, this is just to encourage you to get in touch regarding any FST3 related issue. Any comment or suggestion is welcome... P.S. for the rest of our team